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This page contains reviews on Black holes in higher dimensional (D>4) space-times. In addition to black-hole horizons with topology S^n, there are possibilities of having other horizon topologies (like S^2\times S^1 -- the so called black rings) in D>4; this is prevented in D=4 where the black hole's horizon can only have the topology of S^2.

by Roberto Emparan (1106.2021, 35 pages)

Black Holes in Higher-Dimensional Gravity
by Niels A. Obers (0802.0519, 49 pages, 5 figures)

Black Holes in Higher Dimensions
by Roberto Emparan, Harvey S. Reall arXiv:0801.3471v1 [hep-th], 76 pages, 14 figures; review article for Living Reviews in Relativity

Black Holes, Black Rings and their Microstates
by Iosif Bena and Nicholas P. Warner (hep-th/0701216, 96 pages, 10 figures, 17 exercises)

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