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[ International School on Geometry and Physics: Moduli spaces in geometry, topology and physics]<br>
[ International School on Geometry and Physics: Moduli spaces in geometry, topology and physics]<br>
Cantabria (Spain), 25-29 February 2008
Cantabria (Spain), 25-29 February 2008
[ RTN Winter School on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge Theories]<br>
CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), 21-25 January 2008

[ 2nd Asian Winter School on String Theory]<br>
[ 2nd Asian Winter School on String Theory]<br>

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Low-dimensional Quantum Field Theories and Applications
Florence (Italy), 1 September - 7 November 2008

Strings 08
CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), 18-23 August 2008

String phenomenology - CERN theory institute
CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), 21 July - 15 August 2008

String phenomenology (PiTP program)
Princeton (USA), 14-25 July 2008

7th Alexander Friedmann seminar on gravitation and cosmology
João Pessoa (Brazil), 29 June - 5 July 2008

Clifford Algebras and their Applications in Mathematical Physics
Campinas (Brazil), 26-30 May 2008

New Paths Towards Quantum Gravity
Holbæk (Denmark), 12-16 May 2008

Loops and Legs in Quantum Field Theory
Sondershausen (Germany), 20-25 April 2008

Spring School on Superstring Theory and Related Topics
Trieste (Italy), 27 March - 4 April 2008

International School on Geometry and Physics: Moduli spaces in geometry, topology and physics
Cantabria (Spain), 25-29 February 2008

RTN Winter School on Strings, Supergravity and Gauge Theories
CERN, Geneva (Switzerland), 21-25 January 2008

2nd Asian Winter School on String Theory
Kusatsu-Machi, Agatsuma-Gun Gunma (Japan), 15-25 January 2008

Conference: From strings to LHC - II
Bangalore (India), 19-23 December 2007

Ten Years of AdS/CFT
Buenos Aires (Argentina), 19-21 Decemer 2007

Conference on gravitation and cosmology
Pune (India), 17-21 December 2007

School: From strings to LHC - II
Bangalore (India), 11-18 December 2007

Strings and Superstrings in Observational Cosmology
Paris (France), 10-13 December 2007

Commutative and noncommutative quantum fields
Vienna (Austria), 30 November - 2 December 2007

Enumerative Combinatorics and Integrable Models of Statistical Mechanics
Oberwolfach (Germany), 18-24 November 2007

Ulf - a life in superspace: a workshop in geometry and supersymmetry on the occasion of Ulf Lindstrom's 60th birthday
Uppsala (Sweden), 15-16 November 2007

Workshop on recent developments in string effective actions and D-instantons
Munich (Germany), 14-16 November 2007

Conformal Invariance in Mathematical Physics
Oberwolfach (Germany), 4-10 November 2007

Quantum gravity in the southern cone IV
Punta del Este (Uruguay), 22-25 October 2007

Algebra, geometry and mathematical physics
Göteborg (Sweden), 11-13 October 2007

Advanced String School
Bhubaneswar (India), 8-14 October 2007

Advanced Topics in String Theory (String Steilkurs - Part II)
Hamburg (Germany), 8-12 October 2007

RTN workshop: Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe
Valencia (Spain), 1-5 October 2007

Quantum chromodynamics: string theory meets collider physics (DESY theory workshop)
Hamburg (Germany), 25-28 September 2007

Local quantum field theory / Quantum field theory and noncommutative geometry
Vienna (Austria), 24-28 September 2007

Gauge Fields and Strings - An Isaac Newton Institute School
Cambridge (UK), 17-27 September 2007

Spanish Relativity Meeting
Puerto de La Cruz (Tenerife, Spain), 10-14 September 2007

Saalburg Summer School for Graduate Students
Wolfersdorf (Thüringen/Germany), 3-14 September 2007

Eötvös Superstring Workshop
Budapest (Hungary), 3-7 September 2007

String Theory and Cosmology
Beijing (China), 1 September - 15 December 2007

Advancing Collider Physics: from Twistors to Monte Carlos
Florence (Italy), 27 August - 26 October 2007

British Universities Summer School in Theoretical Elementary Particle Physics (BUSSTEPP) 07
York (UK), 26 August - 7 September 2007

Symmetries of String Theory
Ascona (Switzerland), 26-31 August 2007

Summer School on Particle Physics, Cosmology and Strings at the Perimeter Institute
Waterloo (Canada), 6-18 August 2007

Cargèse Summer School on Cosmology and Particle Physics Beyond the Standard Models
Cargèse (Corsica, France), 30 July - 11 August 2007

Karlsruhe (Germany), 26 July - 1 August 2007

Infinite Dimensional Algebras and Quantum Integrable Systems (IDAQUIS 2007)
Faro (Portugal), 23-27 July 2007

PreSUSY 07 - Summer School
Karlsruhe (Germany), 23-25 July 2007

2007 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics
Manchester (UK), 19-25 July 2007

Istanbul 2007: Strings, Branes and Cosmology
Koc University, Istanbul, Turkey, 9-13 July 2007

Workshop on Cosmology and Strings
Trieste (Italy), 9-13 July 2007

XVI Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics
Oporto (Portugal), 5-8 July 2007

String Theory and Quantum Geometry
Aspen (Colorado/USA), 2-29 July 2007

String theory and the real world - From particle physics to astrophysics
Les Houches (France), 2-27 July 2007

13th International Symposium on Particles, Strings and Cosmology (PASCOS-07)
London (UK), 2-7 July 2007

Benasque workshop: Strings 007
Benasque (Spain), 1-13 July 2007

Eurostrings 07
Kolymbari (Crete/Greece), 30 June - 7 July 2007

Strings 07
Madrid (Spain), 25-29 June 2007

Symmetry in nonlinear mathematical physics
Kiev (Ukraine), 24-30 June 2007

Petrov school on recent problems in theoretical and mathematical physics
Kazan (Russia), 22 June - 3 July 2007

Lie theory and its applications in physics
Varna (Bulgaria), 18-24 June 2007

XII Claude Itzykson Conference: Integrability in gauge and string theories
Saclay (France), 18-22 June 2007

School on attractor mechanism
Frascati (Italy), 18-22 June 2007

Pre-strings 2007: Workshop on Gravitational Aspects of Strings and Branes
Granada (Spain), 18-22 June 2007

Twistors, perturbative gauge theories, supergravity and superstrings
Munich (Germany), 18-22 June 2007

Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries
Prague (Czech Republic), 14-16 June 2007

Aspects of Membrane Dynamics: Summer school
Stockhom (Sweden), 11-22 June 2007

From Quantum to Emergent Gravity: Theory and Phenomenology
Trieste (Italy), 11-15 June 2007

Fourth Regional Meeting in String Theory (Mideast 2007)
Patras (Greece), 10-17 June 2007

Gravity, Astrophysics and Strings at the Black Sea
Kiten (Bulgaria), 10-16 June 2007

Advanced Summer School on Integrable Systems and Quantum Symmetries
Prague (Czech Republic), 8-13 June 2007

Planck 07
Warsaw (Poland), 8-13 June 2007

Mini-course on derived categories
Salt Lake City (USA), 4-16 June 2007

Logarithmic conformal field theories and statistical mechanics
Dubna (Russia), 4-8 June 2007

String phenomenology 2007
Frascati (Italy), 4-8 June 2007

TASI: Theoretical Advanced Study Institute in Elementary Particle Physics
Boulder (Colorado/USA), 28 May - 22 June 2007

The Birth of String Theory
Florence (Italy), 18-19 May 2007

Excursions in the Dark
Waterloo (Ontario/Canada), 18-20 May 2007

Origins of Dark Energy
Hamilton (Ontario/Canada), 14-17 May 2007

SIGRAV graduate school: The dark side of the universe
Como (Italy), 14-18 May 2007

11th Annual UK Meeting on Integrable Models, Conformal Field Theory and Related Topics
London (UK), 11-12 May 2007

Solvay workshop on Gauge theories, Strings and Geometry
Brussels (Belgium), 9-11 May 2007

String Theory: Achievements and Perspectives
Jerusalem/Tel Aviv (Israel), 16-19 April 2007

School on noncommutative geometry, field theories and quantum gravity
Oran (Algeria), 14-18 April 2007

Derived Categories, Non-commutative Geometry and Strings
Dublin (Ireland), 10-15 April 2007

IPM String school and workshop
Tehran (Iran), 9-18 April 2007

Noncommutative Spacetime Geometries
Alessandria (Italy), 26-31 March 2007

Spring School on superstring theory and related topics
Trieste (Italy), 22-30 March 2007

New methods in string theory and quantization
Nis (Serbia), 22-26 March 2007

String and M theory approaches to particle physics and cosmology
Florence (Italy), 19 March - 22 June 2007

Combinatorics and Physics
Bonn (Germany), 19-23 March 2007

International Workshop On Theoretical High Energy Physics
Roorkee (India), 15-20 March 2007

Beyond the standard model
Bad Honnef (Germany), 12-15 March 2007

Workshop on Generalized Geometry and Flux Compactifications
Hamburg (Germany), 19 February - 1 March 2007

Latin American school of strings
Bariloche (Argentina), 8-25 January 2007

RTN Winter School on strings, supergravity and gauge theories
Geneva (Switzerland), 15-19 January 2007

From Strings to LHC
Mumbai (India), 2-10 January 2007

Themes in the interface of representation theory and physics
London (UK), 11-15 December 2006

Challenges in particle phenomenology
Vienna (Austria), 1-3 December 2006

1st Iberian cosmology meeting
Porto (Portugal), 1-2 December 2006

Workshop on Geometric and Renormalization Group Flows
Golm (Germany), 22-24 November 2006

The Quest for Unification: Theory confronts Experiments, RTN midterm meeting
Pisa (Italy), 22-24 November 2006

Strings versus cosmology
Madrid (Spain), 16-17 November 2006

Noncommutative Geometry and Quantum Spacetime in Physics
Nishinomiya/Kyoto (Japan), 11-15 November 2006

M-theory in the City
London (UK), 9-11 November 2006

30 years of supergravity
Paris (France), 16-20 October 2006

Introduction to string theory (String Steilkurs Part 1)
Hamburg (Germany), 9-13 October 2006

Advanced string school
Bhubaneswar (India), 17-23 September 2006

Constituents, Fundamental Forces and Symmetries of the Universe, RTN midterm meeting
Napoli (Italy), 9-13 October 2006

Mensa colloquium 2006: revolution in cosmology
Albany (New York/USA), 6-8 October 2006

Dark Matter and Dark Energy
Sorrento (Italy), 29 September - 5 October 2006


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