Gauge Theory

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Brane Dynamics and Gauge Theory
by A. Giveon, D. Kutasov (hep-th/9802067, 291 pages, 52 figures)

Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
by D. S. Berman, E. Rabinovici (hep-th/0210044, 111 pages, 40 figures)

The Confinement Problem in Lattice Gauge Theory
by J. Greensite (hep-lat/0301023, 102 pages)

Opportunities, Challenges, and Fantasies in Lattice QCD
by Frank Wilczek (hep-lat/0212041, 10 pages, 2 figures)

The Calculus of Many Instantons
by Nick Dorey, Timothy J. Hollowood, Valentin V. Khoze, Michael P. Mattis (hep-th/0206063, 230 pages)

TASI Lectures on The Strong CP Problem
by Michael Dine (hep-ph/0011376, 24 pages)

A Brief History of the Stringy Instanton
by Nick Dorey, Timothy J. Hollowood, Valentin V. Khoze (hep-th/0010015, 17 pages)

A Primer on Instantons in QCD
by Hilmar Forkel (hep-ph/0009136, 36 pages, 7 figures)

Yang-Mills- and D-instantons
by A.V. Belitsky, S. Vandoren, P. van Nieuwenhuizen (hep-th/0004186, 62 pages)

On Algebraic Singularities, Finite Graphs and D-Brane Gauge Theories: A String Theoretic Perspective
by Yang-Hui He (hep-th/0209230, 513 pages, 71 figures)

New Superconformal Field Theories in Four Dimensions and N=1 Duality
by M. Chaichian, W.F. Chen, C. Montonen (hep-th/0007240, 239 pages, 4 figures)

Glueball masses and other physical properties of SU(N) gauge theories in D=3+1: a review of lattice results for theorists
by Michael Teper (hep-th/9812187, 28 pages)

Duality in supersymmetric N=2,4 gauge theories
by Paolo Di Vecchia (hep-th/9803026, 85 pages)

Quantum Field Theory in the Large N Limit: a Review
by Moshe Moshe, Jean Zinn-Justin (hep-th/0306133, 200 pages, 13 figures)

Large N QCD
by Aneesh V. Manohar (hep-ph/9802419, 82 pages, 47 figures)

Large-N Gauge Theories
by Yuri Makeenko (hep-th/0001047, 69 pages, 23 figures)

QCD Baryons in the 1/N_c Expansion
by E. Jenkins (hep-ph/0111338, 25 pages)

Lectures on Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory and Integrable Systems
by Eric D'Hoker, D. H. Phong (hep-th/9912271, 124 pages, 1 figure)

Introduction to Gauge Theories
by C. Becchi (hep-ph/9705211, 28 pages)

Notes on Theories with 16 Supercharges
by Nathan Seiberg (hep-th/9705117, 22 pages)

Non-Perturbative Dynamics in Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
by M. Shifman (hep-th/9704114, 121 pages, 4 figure)

Duality in Supersymmetric Yang-Mills Theory
by Michael E. Peskin (hep-th/9702094, 80 pages, 12 figures)

Introduction to S-Duality in N=2 Supersymmetric Gauge Theory. (A pedagogical review of the work of Seiberg and Witten)
by L. Alvarez-Gaume, S.F. Hassan (hep-th/9701069, 81 pages, 7 figures)

Solitons, monopoles and duality: from sine-Gordon to Seiberg-Witten
by Sergei V. Ketov (hep-th/9611209, 72 pages)

Introduction to Seiberg-Witten Theory and its Stringy Origin
by W. Lerche (hep-th/9611190, 37 pages, 22 figures)

Duality in supersymmetric gauge theories
by Paolo Di Vecchia (hep-th/9608090, 35 pages)

Lectures on supersymmetric gauge theories and electric-magnetic duality
by K. Intriligator, N. Seiberg (hep-th/9509066, 44 pages)

Electromagnetic Duality for Children
by J. M. Figueroa-O'Farrill (209 pages)