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M-theory branes and their interactions
by David S. Berman (0710.1707, 77 pages)

Basics of M-Theory
by A. Miemiec, I. Schnakenburg (hep-th/0509137, 96 pages)

Matrix Models
by C. Sochichiu (hep-th/0506186, 38 pages)

M Theory and Singularities of Exceptional Holonomy Manifolds
by B.S. Acharya, S. Gukov (hep-th/0409191, 94 pages)

Introduction to M-Theory for Relativists and Cosmologists
by N. Ohta (gr-qc/0205036, 28 pages)

Lectures on Heterotic M-Theory
by Burt A. Ovrut (hep-th/0201032, 48 pages)

Introduction to M Theory
by Miao Li (hep-th/9811019, 76 pages)

Topics in M-Theory
by E. Sezgin (hep-th/9809204, 51 pages, 2 figures)

M-theory from its superalgebra
by P.K. Townsend (hep-th/9712004, 43 pages)

BPS bound states, supermembranes, and T-duality in M-theory
by J.G. Russo (hep-th/9703118, 42 pages)

Four Lectures on M-theory
by P.K. Townsend (hep-th/9612121, 55 pages, 4 figures)
These lectures describe the unification of superstring theories by M-theory, concentrating on aspects of superalgebras and properties of branes.