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Noncommutative Field Theory
by Michael R. Douglas, Nikita A. Nekrasov (hep-th/0106048, 55 pages, 6 figures)

Quantum Gravity, Field Theory and Signatures of Noncommutative Spacetime
by Richard J. Szabo (0906.2913 [hep-th], 25 pages, 4 figures)

Noncommutative Quantum Field Theories
by H. O. Girotti (hep-th/0301237, 45 pages, 11 figures)

Quantum Field Theory on Noncommutative Spaces
by Richard J. Szabo (hep-th/0109162, 111 pages, 6 figures)

Lectures on open strings, and noncommutative gauge fields
by Nikita A. Nekrasov (hep-th/0203109, 12 pages)

Introduction to M(atrix) theory and noncommutative geometry
by A. Konechny, A. Schwarz (hep-th/0012145)

Introduction to M(atrix) theory and noncommutative geometry, Part II
by A. Konechny, A. Schwarz (hep-th/0107251, 34 pages)

Strings and Noncommutativity
by Louise Dolan, Chiara R. Nappi (hep-th/0302122, 14 pages)

Komaba Lectures on Noncommutative Solitons and D-Branes
by Jeffrey A. Harvey (hep-th/0102076, 43 pages)

Noncommutative Field Theories and (Super)String Field Theories
by I.Ya.Aref'eva, D.M.Belov, A.A.Giryavets, A.S.Koshelev, P.B.Medvedev (hep-th/011120, 160 pages, 29 figures)

Non-commutative spaces in physics and mathematics
by Daniela Bigatti (hep-th/0006012, 27 pages, figures)

Non commutative geometry for outsiders; an elementary introduction to motivations and tools
by Daniela Bigatti (hep-th/9802129, 18 pages, 4 figures)

A Short Survey of Noncommutative Geometry
by Alain Connes (hep-th/0003006, 45 pages)

Noncommutative Geometry for Pedestrians
by J. Madore (gr-qc/9906059, 28 pages)

Noncommutative Perturbative Quantum Field Theory: Wilson Loop in Two-dimensional Yang-Mills, and Unitarity from String Theory
by Alessandro Torrielli (hep-th/0301091, 116 pages)

Forces from Connes' geometry
by Thomas Schucker (hep-th/0111236, 64 pages, 6 figures)

Noncommutativity on