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see also Braneworlds, Compactifications, Cosmology, Neutrinos


Les Houches Lectures on Constructing String Vacua
by Frederik Denef (0803.1194 [hep-th], 127 pages, 17 figures)

D-branes at Singularities and String Phenomenology
by Dmitry Malyshev, Herman Verlinde (0711.2451 [hep-th], 24 pages, 5 figures)

Field Theory and Standard Model
by W. Buchmüller, C. Lüdeling (hep-ph/0609174, 70 pages)

The Muon Magnetic Moment and Supersymmetry
by D. Stöckinger (hep-ph/0609168, 54 pages)

Flavour Physics and CP Violation
by R. Fleischer (hep-ph/0608010, 82 pages)

Proton Stability in Grand Unified Theories, in Strings, and in Branes
by P. Nath, P.F. Perez (hep-ph/0601023, 239 pages)

TASI 2004 Lecture Notes: Higgs Boson Physics
by L. Reina (hep-ph/0512377, 96 pages)

The Physics of Extra Dimensions
by I. Antoniadis (hep-ph/0512182, 29 pages)

Little Higgs Models and Their Phenomenology
by M. Perelstein (hep-ph/0512128, 60 pages)

Multi-Parton Amplitudes in Gauge Theories
by M.L. Mangano, S.J. Parke (hep-th/0509223, 84 pages)

2004 TASI Lectures on Supersymmetry Breaking
by M.A. Luty (hep-th/0509029, 86 pages)

TASI 2004 Lectures: To the Fifth Dimension and Back
by R. Sundrum (hep-th/0508134, 49 pages)

Disoriented Chiral Condensate: Theory and Experiment
by B. Mohanty, J. Serreau (hep-ph/0504154, 120 pages)

Unraveling Hadron Structure with Generalized Parton Distributions
by A.V. Belitsky, A.V. Radyushkin (hep-ph/0504030, 370 pages)

Phenomenological Guide to Physics Beyond the Standard Model
by S. Pokorski (hep-ph/0502132, 35 pages)

Desperately Seeking Supersymmetry
by S. Raby (hep-ph/0401155, 69 pages)

The Soft Supersymmetry-Breaking Lagrangian: Theory and Applications
by D.J.H. Chung, L.L. Everett, G.L. Kane, S.F. King, J. Lykken, L.-T. Wang (hep-ph/0312378, 273 pages)

Pomeron Physics and QCD
by Otto Nachtmann (hep-ph/0312279, 15 pages)

Desperately Seeking the Standard Model
by Carlos Munoz (hep-ph/0312091, 20 pages, 10 figures)

Phenomenological survey of M-theory
by Alon E. Faraggi (hep-th/0307037, 11 pages)

TASI 2002 lectures on neutrinos
by Yuval Grossman (hep-ph/0305245, 40 pages, 7 figures)

Introduction to Chiral Perturbation Theory
by S. Scherer (hep-ph/0210398, 299 pages)

The Fundamental Constants and their Variation: Observational Status and Theoretical Motivations
by J.-P. Uzan (hep-ph/0205340, 56 pages)

Neutrinos, Grand Unification and Leptogenesis
by W. Buchmüller (hep-ph/0204288, 54 pages)

The Electroweak Theory
by C. Quigg (hep-ph/0204104, 65 pages)

Developments in Neutrino Physics
by M.C. Gonzalez-Garcia, Y. Nir (hep-ph/0202058, 127 pages, 42 figures)

Effective Field Theories of QCD
by Johan Bijnens, Ulf-G. Meißner, Andreas Wirzba (hep-ph/0201266, 58 pages, 2 figures)

Lectures on Heterotic M-Theory
by Burt A. Ovrut (hep-th/0201032, 48 pages)

Nonperturbative Phenomena and Phases of QCD
by Edward V. Shuryak (hep-ph/0104249, 40 pages)

Large and Infinite Extra Dimensions: An Introduction
by V.A. Rubakov (hep-ph/0104152, 47 pages)

Beyond the Standard Model (In Search of Supersymmetry)
by D. I. Kazakov (hep-ph/0012288, 80 pages, 60 figures)

Lectures on Technicolor and Compositeness
by R. Sekhar Chivukula (hep-ph/0011264, 42 pages)

Non-Perturbative Renormalization Flow in Quantum Field Theory and Statistical Physics
by J. Berges, N. Tetradis and C. Wetterich (hep-ph/0005122, 178 pages)

Bread and Butter Standard Model
by Z. Kunszt (hep-ph/0004103, 37 pages)

TASI Lectures on M Theory Phenomenology
by Michael Dine (hep-th/0003175, 68 pages)

Introduction to Neutrinos
by P. Ramond (hep-ph/0001007, 11 pages)

Introduction to B Physics
by Matthias Neubert (hep-ph/0001334, 52 pages, 15 figure)

Standard Model: An Introduction
by S. F. Novaes (hep-ph/0001283, 101 pages, 14 figures)

The second string (phenomenology) revolution
by L.E. Ibanez (hep-ph/9911499, 15 pages, no figures)

Neutrino Physics
by R.D. Peccei (hep-ph/9906509, 45 pages)

Introduction to Electroweak Symmetry Breaking
by S. Dawson (hep-ph/9901280)

The Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model: Group Summary Report
by A. Djouadi et al. (hep-ph/9901246, 121 pages)

The Standard Model
by M.J. Herrero (hep-ph/9812242, 58 pages)

Beyond the Standard Model for Hillwalkers
by J. Ellis (hep-ph/9812235, 64 pages)

Lectures on Unification
by B. Ananthanarayan (hep-ph/9712206, 28 pages)

Superstring Phenomenology: An Overview
by Fernando Quevedo (hep-ph/9707434, 10 pages)

String Theory and the Path to Unification: A Review of Recent Developments
by Keith R. Dienes (hep-th/9602045, 104 pages, 21 figures)

Lectures on Superstring Phenomenology
by Fernando Quevedo (hep-th/9603074, 41 pages)

Some Remarks On Superstring Phenomenology
by Zurab Kakushadze, S.-H. Henry Tye (hep-th/9512155, 9 pages)

Superstring Extension of the Standard Model and Gravitation
by Costas Kounnas (hep-th/9512034, 22 pages)

Four-Dimensional Superstring Models
by Joseph D. Lykken (hep-ph/9511456, 44 pages)

Phenomenology of Superstrings
by Axel de la Macorra (hep-ph/9501322, 9 pages, no figures)

Introduction to the Physics of Higgs Bosons
by Sally Dawson (hep-ph/9411325, 42 pages, no figures)