Renormalization/EFT and General Relativity

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In this page, the acronym "GR-EFT" stands form "fffective (quantum) field theory of general relativity".

Original Work

Scale of Quantum Gravity, Tao Han, Scott Willenbrock
An article "deriving" the breakdown scale of GR-EFT.


John F. Donoghue is one of the leading experts on the subject of GR-EFT. His review Introduction to the Effective Field Theory Description of Gravity is one of the oldest reviews (yet still very relevant) on this topic that I could find so far. A much more recent recent review by the same author is The effective field theory treatment of quantum gravity.

Quantum Gravity in Everyday Life: General Relativity as an Effective Field Theory, Cliff Burgess. This review also appears in the Living Reviews: [1].