Supersymmetry and Supergravity

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Supersymmetry and Supergravity
by Julius Wess and Jonathan Bagger (Princeton University Press, 1992)

Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Peter Freund (Cambridge University Press, 1988)

Modern Supersymmetry
by John Terning (Oxford University Press, 2006)

Introduction to Supersymmetry and Supergravity
by P.C. West (Editor) (World Scientific Publishing, 1990)

Ideas and Methods of Supersymmetry and supergravity
by Ioseph L Buchbider and Sergei M Kuzenko (IOP, 1995, revised ed. 1998)

Quantum Theory of Fields Vol. 3: Supersymmetry
by Steven Weinberg (Cambridge, UK: University Press, 2000)

Supersymmetric Gauge Field Theory and String Theory
by David Bailin, Alexander Love (Taylor & Francis, 1994)

Supersymmetry and String Theory - Beyond the Standard Model
by Michael Dine (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

Five Lectures on Supersymmetry
by Daniel S. Freed (American Mathematical Society, 1999)

reviews for beginners

Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Adel Bilal (hep-th/0101055, 77 pages)

Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Joseph D. Lykken (hep-th/9612114, 67 pages)

Lectures on Supersymmetry
by Philip Argyres

all reviews

Ingredients of supergravity
by Daniel Z. Freedman, Antoine Van Proeyen (1106.1097 [hep-th], 8 pages)

Cambridge Lectures on Supersymmetry and Extra Dimensions
by Sven Krippendorf, Fernando Quevedo, Oliver Schlotterer (1011.1491 [hep-th], 130 pages, 22 figures, these lectures were given in Part III of the Mathematical Tripos at the University of Cambridge, videos of these lectures can be found here)

Progress on Ultraviolet Finiteness of Supergravity
by Z. Bern, J. J. M. Carrasco, H. Johansson (0902.3765 [hep-th] 20 pages, 8 figures)

Supersymmetric Solitons and How They Help Us Understand Non-Abelian Gauge Theories
by M. Shifman, A. Yung (hep-th/0703267, 239 pages)

Instantons and Supersymmetry
by M. Bianchi, S. Kovacs, G. Rossi (hep-th/0703142, 170 pages)

Lectures on Supersymmetry Breaking
by K. Intriligator, N. Seiberg (hep-ph/0702069, 47 pages)

Supersymmetric Mechanics in Superspace
by S. Bellucci, S. Krivonos (hep-th/0602199, 47 pages)

Potentials for Light Moduli in Supergravity and String Theory
by S.P. de Alwis (hep-th/0602182, 34 pages)

Supersymmetry Breaking
by Y. Shadmi (hep-th/0601076, 26 pages)

2004 TASI Lectures on Supersymmetry Breaking
by Markus A. Luty (hep-th/0509029, 86 pages)

Supersymmetry and the MSSM: An Elementary Introduction
by I.J.R. Aitchison (hep-ph/0505105, 159 pages)

Non-perturbative Methods in Supersymmetric Theories
by A. Wipf (hep-th/0504180, 96 pages)

Supersymmetry in Quantum Mechanics
by A. Khare (math-ph/0409003, 38 pages)

Supersymmetry, Supergravity, Superspace and BRST Symmetry in a Simple Model
by P. van Nieuwenhuizen (hep-th/0408179, 38 pages)

Erice Lectures on "The Status of Local Supersymmetry"
by M.J. Duff (hep-th/0403160, 42 pages)

Gaugino Condensation and SUSY Breakdown
by H.P. Nilles (hep-th/0402022, 36 pages)

An Introduction to Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and Matrix Models
by R. Argurio, G. Ferretti, R. Heise (hep-th/0311066, 78 pages)

An Unorthodox Introduction to Supersymmetric Gauge Theory
by M.J. Strassler (hep-th/0309149, 78 pages)

Kaehler Manifolds and Supersymmetry
by J.W. van Holten (hep-th/0309094, 21 pages)

TASI-2002 Lectures: Non-perturbative Supersymmetry
by John Terning (hep-th/0306119, 113 pages, 4 figures)

Structure of supergravity theories
by Antoine Van Proeyen (hep-th/0301005, 30 pages)

by Bernard de Wit (hep-th/0212245, 147 pages)

Les Houches Lectures on Supersymmetric Gauge Theories
by D.S. Berman, E. Rabinovici (hep-th/0210044, 111 pages)

(Super)-Gravities Beyond 4 Dimensions
by Jorge Zanelli (hep-th/0206169, 50 pages, 5 figures)

The Quantum Mechanics SUSY Algebra: An Introductory Review
by R. de Lima Rodrigues (hep-th/0205017, 49 pages, no figures)

Lectures on Supergravity
by Friedemann Brandt (hep-th/0204035, 47 pages)

Supersymmetry, a Biased Review
by U. Lindström (hep-th/0204016, 28 pages)

TASI lectures: weak scale supersymmetry - a top-motivated-bottom-up approach
by Gordon L. Kane (hep-ph/0202185, 66 pages, no figures)

Supersymmetric Gauge Theories and the AdS/CFT Correspondence
by Eric D'Hoker, Daniel Z. Freedman (hep-th/0201253, 145 pages, 14 figures)

BUSSTEPP Lectures on Supersymmetry
by Jose Figueroa-O'Farrill (hep-th/0109172, 85 pages, 5 figures)

Supersymmetry Structure and Phenomena
by Nir Polonsky (hep-ph/0108236, 169 pages)

Superspace, or One thousand and one lessons in supersymmetry
by S.J. Gates Jr, M.T. Grisaru, M. Rocek, W. Siegel (hep-th/0108200, 568 pages)

String Theory, Large Dimensions and Supersymmetry
by Michael Dine (hep-th/0107263, 9 pages)

Superspace Methods in String Theory, Supergravity and Gauge Theory
by Martin Cederwall (hep-th/0105176, 15 pages)

Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Adel Bilal (hep-th/0101055, 77 pages)

Beyond the Standard Model (In Search of Supersymmetry)
by D.I. Kazakov (hep-ph/0012288, 80 pages)

Supergravity Couplings: A Geometric Formulation
by P. Binetruy, G. Girardi, R. Grimm (hep-th/0005225, 266 pages)

Introduction to Supersymmetry: Astrophysical and Phenomenological Constraints
by Keith A. Olive (hep-ph/9911307, 67 pages, 41 figures)

Tools for supersymmetry
by Antoine Van Proeyen (hep-th/9910030, 49 pages)

Anti-de Sitter Supersymmetry
by B. de Wit, I. Herger (hep-th/9908005, 23 pages)

by P. Deligne, D.S. Freed (hep-th/9901094, 130 pages)

An Introduction to Supergravity
by D.G. Cerde~no and C. Mu~noz (27 pages)

Basic Canon in D=4, N=1 Superfield Theory: Five Primer Lectures
by S. James Gates, Jr (hep-th/9809064, 109 pages, no figures)

Introduction to Rigid Supersymmetric Theories
by P.C. West (hep-th/9805055, 47 pages)

Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking
by E. Poppitz, S.P. Trivedi (hep-th/9803107, 44 pages)

Introduction to Supergravities in Diverse Dimensions
by Y. Tanii (hep-th/9802138, 43 pages)

A Supersymmetry Primer
by Stephen P. Martin (hep-ph/9709356, 126 pages)

Notes on Theories with 16 Supercharges
by N. Seiberg (hep-th/9705117, 22 pages)

Supersymmetry Phenomenology With a Broad Brush
by M. Dine (hep-ph/9612389, 67 pages)

Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Joseph D. Lykken (hep-th/9612114, 67 pages)

An Introduction to Supersymmetry
by Manuel Drees (hep-ph/9611409, 42 pages)

Dictionary on Lie Superalgebras
by L. Frappat, A. Sciarrino, P. Sorba (hep-th/9607161, 145 pages)

Supersymmetry: From the Fermi Scale to the Planck Scale
by J. Lopez (hep-ph/9601208, 61 pages, 11 figures)

Vector Multiplets in N=2 Supersymmetry and its Associated Moduli Spaces
by A. Van Proeyen (hep-th/9512139, 40 pages)

Introductory Lectures on Low Energy Supersymmetry
by P. Ramond (hep-th/9412234, 36 pages)

Introductory Low-Energy Supersymmetry
by H.E. Haber (hep-ph/9306207, 98 pages)

Introduction to Global Supersymmetry
by P. Argyres (235 pages)

Globally Supersymmetric Theories in Four and Two Dimensions
by Jean-Pierre Derendinger (in: Proceedings of the Hellenic School of Particle Physics, Corfu, 133 pages)

Introducing Supersymmetry
by M.F. Sohnius (Phys.Rept.128:39-204,1985 166 pages)

by P. Van Nieuwenhuizen (Phys.Rept.68:189-398, 1981 210 pages)

Covariant supergraphs I, II, III
by S. M. Kuzenko (Lectures given at Institut fur Theoretische Physik, Universitat Heidelberg, 2005)