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Quantum Hall Physics in String Theory
by Oren Bergman (hep-th/0401106, 8 pages, 2 figures)

Deformation Quantization: Observable Algebras, States and Representation Theory
by Stefan Waldmann (hep-th/0303080, 32 pages)

Threebranes in F-theory
by Alastair Paulin-Campbell (hep-th/0205060, 126 pages)

Strings, quantum gravity and non-commutative geometry on the lattice
by J. Ambjorn (hep-lat/0201012)

Aspetti non perturbativi della Teoria delle Stringhe
by G. D'Appollonio (hep-th/0111284)

Deformation Quantization: Quantum Mechanics Lives and Works in Phase-Space
by Cosmas K. Zacho (hep-th/0110114, 22 pages, 2 figures)

Heterotic, Open and Unoriented String Theories from Topological Membrane
by Pedro Castelo Ferreira (hep-th/0110067, 122 pages, 34 figures)

Aspects non perturbatifs de la theorie des supercordes
by B. Pioline (hep-th/9806123, 181 pages, 14 figures)